Welcome Breanna Setree!

Die Sharx haben sich auch dieses Jahr wieder US-Amerikanische Unterstützung geholt. Breanna Setree aus Florida wird die Sharx als Pitcherin und als Shortstop unterstützen. Zu diesem Anlass hat sie sich Zeit für ein kurzes Interview genommen:

My full name is
Breanna Kirsten Setree-Malone
My favorite nickname is
St. Petersburg, FL
University of Tampa
My favorite meal before a softball game is …
usually just something light, like fruit and yogurt or a protein bar. I don’t really eat before games. Unless its an early game and I have to have eggs.
My favorite position growing up was …
pitcher, and shortstop
If I was famous for a day
I think it would be for helping the planet in some way.
Favorite softball cheer:
I don’t really have one, I tend to make them up on the fly.
Favorite softball quote is:
„Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard“
My favorite movie is:
Walk up song:
„Here for the Party“ Gretchen Wilson. We used to listen to it every time I would play growing up.
I am superstitious about …
a few things. My warm ups are always the same and I have to have eggs before morning games. Also, I wear the same bracelets in the same order on my wrists, and no one is allowed to put their hand in my glove.
My favorite nail polish color is
light pink.
My proudest moment in softball was …
when I committed to the University of Tampa. I felt like all my hard work had paid off.
What do you expect from playing in Austria?
I expect a lot playing in Austria. I feel extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to play softball after college, especially in a different country. I expect to not only gain experience on the field, but also share my experiences with others. I also feel like I’m going to gain life experiences that many other people aren’t as fortunate to have. I just plan on making the absolute best of my time there, on and off the field.
I believe in Austria everybody is …
My softball goal for Austria is …
to do my best that I can for the team, and share the knowledge I have gained over the years as well.
My non softball goal for Austria is …
to make connections with the people there and make the best out of my trip.
bungee jumping or skydiving?
Probably bungee jump, I’m not a heights person
Offense or Defense?
Both. There isn’t a part of the game that I don’t enjoy, or want to be involved in.
bows or braids?
Braids, but I like a tiny bow to top it off.

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