Interview mit Brianna Tourtillott

Welcome Bree Tourtillott!

Heute kommt Brianna aus dem College in Florida in Vorarlberg an. Bei den Spielen am 23. und 24. Juni gegen die Vienna Wanderes in Hard wird sie zum Ersten mal im Sharx Dress zu sehen sein. Wir freuen uns schon!

Zu diesem Anlass hat sich Bree Zeit für ein kurzer Interview genommen:


Whats your full name?
Brianna Nichole Tourtillott

Whats your favorite Nick Name?
Bree, in softball „tots“

Dixon, IL

Florida Gulf Coast University

Favorite Food before a Softball Game?
buffalo chicken strips and fruit

Fav. position as a kid?
Short Stop

If I were famous for a Day what would it be for?
Sleeping all day

Favorite Softball cheer?
(made up by my college team) They stretch out the name Sriracha tots into a cheer. It goes off of a nickname „tots“ and is hilarious.

Favorite Softball quote?
„Always be ready“

Favorite Movie:
I do not have a favorite movie, I constantly binge watch any and all TV shows on Netflix

Walk up song?
Big Spender by Dj Carnage

Are you superstitious?

Favorite Nail polish color?
Neutral colors

Proudest Moment in Softball?
All tournament team my senior year of college at the conference tournament

What do you expect from playing in Austria?
I expect to gain new friendships, to travel, to become a better softball player, to help others become better softball players and to enjoy this summer as much as possible.

I believe in Austria everybody …
I have no idea, I know nothing about Austria! Excited to learn more!

My Softball Goal for Austria is
to meet new people, and to compete as a team.

My non Softball Goal for Austria is …
to experience the country and travel as much as I can.

skydiving or bundgee Jump:
Bungee jumping

Offense or Defense:

bow or braid:

I am very excited to be part of the team, very excited to meet you!

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